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ORA Orthopedics is committed to excellence in treating all of your orthopedic needs. For more than 50 years, the Quad Cities region has placed its trust in our care.

Our focus is you. We believe that each patient is unique and treatment options must be customized to each individual to ensure the best possible outcomes. Every detail matters, no matter how small.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Dateline South Pole: Total Joint Replacement Patient Kayaks Antarctica
When Lynn Bohlmann, 60, began dreading the pain of getting in and out of her kayak, she knew the time had come to make a decision. “My knee pain was getting in the way of what I wanted to do,” the 60-year-old Davenport woman says. “I asked myself, What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Keep this pain or do something about it?”

Read Lynn’s Success Story.

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Tips to a Trimmer (and Healthier) Tummy!

jeni-2nd-postWant to trim your tummy? Quad City nutrition blogger Jeni Tackett says the battle of your bulge is important not only to look better in summer shorts, but to reduce disease risk.
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North Scott Lancers #1 with Team Physician and Alumnus Dr. Matt Lindaman

Dr.-Matt-Lindaman-for-lmqc-and-fbLancers team physician, Dr. Matthew Lindaman, not only attended North Scott himself, he met his wife there! Learn what else he loves about the Lancers and about being an orthopedic surgeon.
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Teens with Scoliosis: 7 Answers Parents Need to Know

Rochelle-Canfield-photo-with-photo-for-lmqc-and-fbRochelle Canfield is pursuing a degree in radiology at Black Hawk College, thanks in part to her experiences with scoliosis.
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Here’s the Scoop on Sugar in Fruit

fruit-for-jeniMost of us crave sweets sometimes, but added sugars provide no nutritional value. Fruit is naturally sweet ... and great for you!
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Tips to Avoid a Spring Cold with a Good Workout!

Chelsey Bowermaster, LMQC Fitness Blogger and Wellness Director at the Two Rivers YMCA, MolineFight off spring colds at the gym or on the pavement. QC fitness expert Chelsey Bowermaster shares 5 great ideas!
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Davenport Central Dancer One Step Ahead O’ The Rest

emily-featureDavenport Central High School student Emily Styvaert says Irish step dancing has taught her the importance of working hard!
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Rocky Soccer Player Kickin’ It After Scoliosis Surgery

Morgan-Martin-Cropped-315-year-old Rocky High School sophomore Morgan Martin hopes to play soccer this spring after surgery to correct her scoliosis. "I can pretty much do whatever I want!"
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4 Reasons to Spin Your Way to Fitness: ORA Physician Shows You How

Low-impact, high-energy spin class is a "gift you give yourself," says QC orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Bries. Learn why!
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Week #7: Your New Way of Life!

Tips from QC dietitian Jeni Tackett on how to maintain your new healthy lifestyle ... forever!
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QC Orthopedists’ 2nd Office in the Colorado Rockies: “It’s a Blast!”

vongillern-skiQuad-City orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thomas VonGillern says he loves to teach skiing because it's great exercise for the entire musculoskeletal system ... and great fun, too!
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  • Peter  Alward, M.D.
  • Michael Berry, M.D.
  • Steven  Boardman, M.D.
  • Andrew  Bries, M.D.
  • Russell  Carlson, D.P.M.
  • Charles  Cassel, M.D.
  • J.C.  Clark, M.D.
  • R. Scott Collins, M.D.
  • Edward  Connolly, M.D.
  • Ryan  Dunlay, M.D.
  • Jessica  Ellis, M.D.
  • Suleman  Hussain, M.D.
  • Waqas  Hussain, M.D.
  • William  Irey, M.D.
  • Matthew  Lindaman, D.O.
  • Myles  Luszczyk, D.O.
  • James  Lyles, M.D.
  • Joseph  Martin, M.D.
  • Timothy  Millea, M.D.
  • Michael  Pyevich, M.D.
  • Peter  Rink, D.O.
  • Richard  Ripperger, M.D.
  • Beau  Shay, D.P.M., FACFAS
  • Mark  Stewart, M.D.
  • Michael  Turner, M.D.
  • Thomas  VonGillern, M.D.
  • Shawn  Wynn, M.D.


ORA has physicians specializing in all areas of orthopedic medicine.

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